Organized Crimes Bureau

9105 NW 25 St.
Suite #3122
Doral, FL 33172
Phone: 305-994-1000
Fax: 305-994-1004  
Major: Fernand Charles Jr.

The Organized Crimes Bureau conducts criminal investigations into crimes that inflict a serious financial hardship on the community. The Bureau also conducts investigations into identified organized criminal groups and enterprises, which by their nature; require investigative resources and capabilities that exceed those of other departmental elements or entities.

Learn how to fight identity theft and fraud.

Special Investigations Section (Major Fraud)

The Special Investigation Section investigates the following types of fraud: Credit card, check, real estate, squatters, prescription, embezzlement, flim-flam (lottery scams), and contractor fraud.

Arson Unit

The Arson Unit investigates the following crimes where an incendiary device or an open flame is utilized to include: Arsons, Exploded and Unexploded Devices, Vapor Explosions, Attempted Murder, and Insurance Fraud. The Arson Unit is also used as a support unit to scenes of fires involving Homicides.

Organized Crime Section

The Organized Crime Section (OCS) investigates cases involving gambling, prostitution, murder-for-hire, and cargo theft. The section works closely with state and federal law enforcement agencies in order to combat crimes that expand across state lines and are also active members of various task forces.