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Group Vision

Miami-Dade County offers vision coverage through Humana, which includes a Standard and Enriched option for you to choose from. The Humana Vision plan is available to all employees eligible for medical and dental coverage, regardless of union affiliation. You pay the full cost of the coverage.

Under either plan option, you and your enrolled dependents receive an annual comprehensive eye exam at no charge with a participating optometrist or ophthalmologist. Members may also receive a pair of glasses for a small $10 copay from a special selection available at participating providers. Additional lens features, such as transition, progressive and ultra-violet coating, are also fully covered. Under the Enriched option, lenses and frames are available every plan year. Under the Standard option, lenses are available every year and frames are available every other year. Contact lenses or other frames are available as alternative benefits.

Both options allow you to use non-participating providers and be reimbursed according to the non-participating benefit schedule. However, use one of the plan's in-network providers to receive the greatest savings.

For more information about your Humana Vision plan, visit the Humana Virtual Benefit Fair. Once you are enrolled in Vision coverage, visit the Humana Employee Portal to set up your online account, order your Vision ID cards, and view your benefits and claims information. Call 877-398-2980 to speak with a Humana Vision plan representative.

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