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Arleene Cuellar - Director

Arleene Cuellar has dedicated more than thirty years to Miami-Dade County. She joined the Human Resources Department in 1988 and has been promoted within the department numerous times.

In October 2013, Arleene Cuellar was appointed the Director of the Human Resources Department and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of HR with direct oversight of Benefits Administration, Labor Relations and Compensation, Payroll and Information Management, Human Rights & Fair Employment Practices and Recruitment, Testing and Career Development. Her leadership and strategic direction have countywide impact to departments and employees.

Mrs. Cuellar served as the lead negotiator in the 2014-2017 collective bargaining negotiations with the Police Benevolent Association. Throughout her tenure, she also participated in various roles in direct support of labor negotiations with all ten of our labor unions. Her participation in the process has been instrumental thanks to her vast knowledge of the County's personnel, payroll and compensation practices.

Mrs. Cuellar participated in and provided crucial support to the Compensation and Benefits Review Committee that was established by the Board of County Commissioners in December 2009. She was also instrumental in providing further analysis and support to the Ad Hoc Compensation and Benefits Committee chaired by Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan.

Additionally, Mrs. Cuellar has extensive knowledge, experience, and an excellent track record implementing system enhancements dating back to 1995, when the County's current homegrown Personnel Payroll System was successfully implemented. As director of PIM, Mrs. Cuellar successfully implemented unprecedented and complex business rule changes to payroll functions that were a direct result of the 2008-2011 and 2011-2014 collective bargaining negotiations. Her experience with system implementations is invaluable as the County continues to leverage the investment and transitions to a Countywide Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Mrs. Cuellar earned a Bachelor in Science in Education from Nova Southeastern University and has earned the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. She is actively involved as a mentor in Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Miami.

In addition to serving the County as the Chief Human Resources Officer, Mrs. Cuellar and her husband Leon are the proud parents of four amazing children.